District of Avesnes

The district of AVESNES had 22 post offices between 1852 and 1876. Half of these post offices were opened in the second half of the 19th century.

This district was very well provided despite having a smaller population and industrial infrastructure than other districts. In fact, the district of AVESNES was very large and very rural. It was therefore necessary to open more new post offices in order to serve users and relieve the workload of existing offices.

Except for a few post offices such as BEUGNIES, CARTIGNIES, ENGLEFONTAINE and VILLERS SIRE NICOLE, it is not very difficult to find combinations of these post offices.

The erroneous PC 373 of BERLAIMONT (belonging to BERNAY DE L'EURE) is quite difficult to find.

Similarly, the erroneous GC 4979 from JENLAIN is a little over-priced (but still uncommon), as it was long thought to have lasted only a year and a half. This numeral cancel (used by GRIZY LES PLATRES) was sent by mistake to the JENLAIN, which used it until September 1871, then more periodically until May 1874.

The numerals 1768 from HAUTMONT used with type 22 is exceptional (lasting just over a month). This combination is also known to have been used early in December 1862!