District of Lille

The district of LILLE district had 30 post offices between 1852 and 1876. It is undoubtedly the district with the highest number of post offices.

It is the only district where a head office (LILLE) had branch offices (FIVES, MOULINLILLE, LILLE ST MARTIN, WAZEMMES). Most of these offices were independent before 1859. In fact, from 1857, in order to cope with the population increase, the city of LILLE was thinking of expanding outside its fortifications. This expansion involved annexing several communes. Some of these already had a post office, which became a branch of the head post office of LILLE. This is not an easy district to collect. With a few exceptions (LINSELLES, LOOS, WAMBRECHIES), all the post office stations are difficult.

Late head post offices such as BAUVIN, LOMME, THUMERIES are very uncommon (to put it mildly!).

Linear  stamp with small numerals (FOURNES, HALLUIN, TEMPLEUVE) are rare.

The type 22 of FIVES : never seen before!