Using the Nord department as an example, Postal Stories is your guide to the history of the French Post Office. We are passionate about postmarks and cancellations. Our collection of images and anecdotes will take you back in time to when mail was one of the few means of communication.


Postal Stories

Numeral cancels

French numeral cancels
French numeral cancels

The Small and Large Numerals were used as cancellations in France between 1852 and 1876.

Local postage rate

French local postage rates
French local postage rates

The introduction of the local postal service in 1830 was a major innovation in France.

Postmarks are much more than a simple indication that your letter has reached its destination. They tell the story of the post office, mail delivery, and the companies and people who have used them. On this site, we take you into the hidden history of postmarks, a history full of discoveries and surprises.

Fascinating stories behind postmarks



Occupation of Valenciennes 1914-1918
Occupation of Valenciennes 1914-1918

Using the example of the VALENCIENNES district, discover the German occupation's postal history during World War I.


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